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Rebs & Che Wedding




Kanina, I’m with my Beast-friend Marge who bought me a pizza this afternoon. We spent my 1hr break with Kwentuhan, super na-miss namin ung tambayan namin nung HS. We used to went here to have a “Kuripot Pizza” along with Dennies & Johnrel.

(artehhh! pink na ang ipod!)

Hindi nmn halata na excited na ako db?

So here it is “Kuripot Pizza”, our favorite Chicken Pesto for her & Tuna Pesto for me & Iced Tea.

Pa-cute muna bago kain…

and after 15 min…tadah! haha…numnum!

Bago ang TTH Random photo editing muna…

"AM-Beach Nila"


"Before Break-up"

"Double Ending"


Last night @ the Beach

Last night @ the Beach

Get Together!

Ang SAYA! I could say that it has been the best weekend I ever had…after almost 2 years we had a chance to spend another crazy time together.

They were my Ultra Super Close Friends since high school…almost like my brothers, sa kalokohan o kahit san pa…

Margie (The Nurse), Dennies (Maritime Engineer) Me (Graphic Artist) & Johnrel (Cook and soon to be a Caregiver). Time is really fast. Parang kelan lng nagkokopyahan pa kami ng assignments and sagot sa test pero ngayo we already have our own tests of life at higit sa lahat my careers na…its just that mas mahirap lng mag hanap ng panahon para mag kita-kita since ang lalayo namin.

By the way…my ex is with us…haha!

Midnight gayness at Margie’s house..we’re so wasted, haha! natuwa nmn ako, ako lang ung payat, LOL!