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Ms. Earth 2011 Experience

- last night we had a chance to watch the 2011 Ms. Earth held live at Puerto Princesa City Coliseum - Palawan!! I’m with my younger brother & sister. We got nice seats @ the lower-box thanx to Sir. Manuel from Palawan Press for lending us their seats.

- so yup, it’s my very first time to watch such pageant live…just makes me want more to be a part of a big production team.

- my crush Sandra Seifert on her very see-through gown & pink under____(you know) coz’ its see through nga db? hahaha. And by the way she really smells good…hahaha *my sister said.

- And before the question & answer portion we were called by Sir Luigi to have a seat @ the VIP area just below the stage (left side). And yup, we had a great view of the most crucial moment for the candidates at syempre kinabahan din kami.

- Bonus pa! Coz’ we’re able to meet the Famous Choreographer to the Stars Teacher GEORCELLE DAPAT coz’ they’re seating in front of us. Super cool talaga! We’re able to have a short conversation / chit-chat with her, she’s very incredible, soft spoken, funny & i must say she’s so fab!!!. And oh! we also meet Gelai & Ryan!!! woot!

  - And after almost 20 mins of gap (since delayed telecast ‘yon)…the winners were finally announced…

  • Athena Mae Imperial from Casiguran, Aurora was crowned Miss Philippines-Earth 2011.
  • Miss Philippines-Air was Jonavi Raisa Quiray the pride of Puerto Princesa, Miss Philippines-Water was Murielle Adrienne Orais (my personal favorite), Miss Philippines Fire was Michelle Gavagan and Miss Philippines Eco Tourism Tarhata Clio Shari Rico of Makati City.

- It was indeed a great night! more pics next time! Kay karl pa kasi iyong ibang pics since low batery na ang cam! Credits to Ms. Nancy Navaro for the pictures.